The Dust Bunny Effect

I try to look for signs of god’s existence. If he is out there then right now he would make this child float up off the ground right now. Maybe no one else would notice it but me. But I would know that it happened.

This was one of those moments. I was walking down the empty street. No other soul in sight. Trying to contemplate what it means to even believe in God. Sure there’s being super strict with the bible and then there’s also being spiritual but I never understood either of those as they relate to anything specific in my life.

And as I walked, something tickled my nose and distracted me. An oversized dust bunny or an oversized flake or a dandelion fluff. But before I could blow him off, he took off on his own and just seemed to hover there ever so strangely in front of my eyes.

A playful voice in my head piped up “hello.” And it wasn’t one of my voices. He didn’t speak again. Maybe because he couldn’t but for some reason I thought it more plausible that he just had nothing to say.

My mind wandered back to God. No matter if he is out there or not, the beauty of this world lies in such small creatures. Tiny creatures like the dust bunny can have a great effect on the world. Everyone knows about the butterfly effect but what about the dust bunny effect? If a butterfly flaps its wings in New York and causes a sandstorm in Egypt, then maybe the dust bunny saying hello in LA causes a man’s mind to fill with words in Tel Aviv and spill them onto page after page after page. I’ve never actually observed either effects. But I can imagine both, simultaneously even.

And right there and then in that dark street, I watched as the little dandelion fluff of a bunny floated up and up and up – not in a spiral from the wind, not in winding random motions as predicted by physics or Kepler’s laws or even those of Newton himself, but directly up as if by the hand of the very god I questioned. I watched it move up up up until finally it landed on some tense power line which connected some microscopic mini circuit causing some electric daisy chain to travel through the wire and when it reached the source, a tiny fuse blew out.

It was quiet for a few seconds and then suddenly… it began to happen before my very eyes. The entire sequence of effects and events all around the world from this one tiny dust bunny… I saw it all. From the sinkhole in Guatemala to the family dog that mauled the baby for no reason and all the ineffable in between and I thought my brain would explode until a car came careening down the street out of nowhere and damn near hit me dead on.

Maybe it was me who made it all happen with my mind. Just like I had made my legs move in the nick of time, just like when I had to go to the DMV to register the car I crashed that very day, just like when I had to go looking for her in Hong Kong, just like when I had to go to the hospital for a broken collarbone and they found that cancer in my neck, just like that time my parents had to drive themselves to my funeral, when I had to get out of my own way.


I guess it’s all simpler than I thought. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it again.

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