Street Chess

So the general… He pulls me into the room with these nuts. Haha. Tellin me I’m nuts. Haha. These were high ranking officers you know. Men of prestigious families, men of pedigrees. They were all fine soldiers, privy to the same information I was. They told me to shut up if I know what’s good for me and not to go talking to the press and the newspapers. FBI. So I don’t. Not anymore. But I know what I saw. I saw the ships myself. Ships that can arrive at departure. Nothing was happening here. It’s all in hyperspace. It’s a time space bubble around the ship. Past present and future folding into the… now. Haha. Oh I can see the way you look at me now. But there was a time. Oh there was a time when we understood all this without even saying anything. Don’t you know about the Cheops? The Cheops was an ingenious computer. It was a chosen site. A perfect balance point here on earth. We had access to magnetic tools… And so a magnetic cap, a quarantine, was placed on the world… And incepted the humans with a lower form DNA. They used cats to protect them. Cats can sense demons in Egyptian mythology. But it wasn’t demons they sensed. It was 4th dimensional beings. Its other worldliness they can sense. That’s why they hiss and their hair stands on end. The Ananachians… they tried to help us. But the Reptilians, or whatever you want to call them, they keep beating them out. They come and go. The Reptilians came down and took the capstone, the communication device, right off the Cheops and turned us stupid. The upper and lower Nile rose for a reason. The Kings, they knew. They were informed. They used cats because they could sense alien beings. Oh there’s proof of it. All throughout history. If only you allow yourself to see it. Caves in Europe… Megalithic caves with strange codes… These were hymns! Haha. People would sing these and the sounds would bounce off the stalactites and stalagmites and transcend this dimension but we couldn’t hear them after that. But they could. And we forgot. The Reptilians made sure of that. We are genetically tooled for amnesia. Oh there was a time when we were omnipotent beings we were capable of seeing it all. Of living out multiple existences with multiple consciousness simultaneously. But it was the emotions. We’re subject to so many emotions. We couldn’t even handle a single lifetime of 3D emotions. Let alone multiple lifetimes filled with multidimensional emotional layers. Did you know that AT&T was started by aliens, you know that? With the help of the Ananachians. The same ones who built the Cheops. Using sound as a tool. They would point… At the rocks… and create… such perfectly thin lines… They moved them… With their minds. These beings. But indirectly… Through sound. A true precision tool. They cut the stone and pushed them into place telepathically. But they still needed men to create doubt. To break their backs for history. Because they were still subject to the physics of this world… Just not the metaphysics. And Mars was only the second planet that had life forms brought to earth to take on human form. They took on human form but it came with a price. They weren’t equipped to take on the emotional experience of human existence. They’d cry suddenly. They’d get angry inappropriately. Feelings were displaced. They were all intelligence and no emotion. They couldn’t connect with us. Inside us. It wasn’t a working inception. So they created a new man… One that wasn’t aware of other dimensions… Of other beings. Only of himself. At best. Usually not even all that self-aware haha. Look at them walking around… they’re not alive really. Oh this may sound new to you but it’s really old. So old. Hundreds of thousands years old. Hell, they surprised themselves when they made us. Beyond their own imaginations… which you can imagine… were far deeper and wilder than ours. Because they had seen so much more. Knew so much more and all at the same time. But when they made us. When they saw our potential. My God. They fell in love. If they could feel such a thing as love… which they can’t. Haha. A hominid with existential awareness! An awareness of something even higher than them! We always believed in gods. We’ve seen them. They’ve come down before. They’re here now. I meet them every now and then. Crystaline beings. Made of silicon. You know it was the extraterrestrials that gave us fiber optic cables. Sure we knew about light and the basics of physics, but we didn’t know how to bend toward the perpendicular. But they’ve all got it wrong. Every religion has its demons. We will become the 4th dimension. A whole solar system will shift… and we will become the research project they always intended us to be. Just like the Atlantians. Oh you don’t know? They collapsed due to the crystal displacement during the pole shifts. Just like in that movie… 2012 or whatever it was called. But I’ll tell you, when our turn comes, when it really comes, it’ll be bigger than that. A whole dimensional shift. Not just a cataclysm of destruction in this world. Like the Atlantians. You remember them? Collapsed! Haha. Crystal displacement… But this time it will be bigger than even that. A supernova will occur like it did before. A magnanova actually. Slight difference. But same concept. This universe. And Andromeda and the Milky Way… will split off … Forming perfect spins. Haha. Like a cell that undergoes mitosis. They developed sentient life forms who came as Andromedan humans… Who were downloads … Hyperdimensional beings… Retrograded into human genomes … With all our DNA containing all that information knowledge, all that memory, all that emotion. Check. You know we only use 8 percent of our brains? Why do you think that is? Haha. The Reptilians… they made sure of it. Can you imagine if we ever got to use that other 92 percent? If we had access to our own power? It’s profoundly humbling. Just the thought alone. Haha. The General knew. The lieutenants knew. They all knew that I knew. Check. They were the ones who told me to communicate with them in the first place, for God’s sake. Haha. I told them I wasn’t the right man for the job, told ‘em I was just a scientist. But they pushed me. I worked there for 20 years up at that base in Oxnard… and what did I get in the end? They kicked me out and stamped me with a record. I tried to get my post back at UCLA, but he got to them first. I know he did. I was supposed to start Monday. The interviews went well. They offered me the job. I accepted it. The paperwork was filed. But when I came in on Monday they pretended like they had never seen me before in my life. I came up to one of my old colleagues, a guy whom I knew since the phD program. We worked in the same lab there at UCLA for 6 years before the government got me to move up there. I looked him in the face and I said “Charlie. I understand if you can’t hire me anymore. But you gotta admit you know me! 20 years we know each other! Hell, me and you talked twice last week! I came down and sat right here in this chair and we talked for 2 hours and you told me I had the job! To come in on Monday! Just tell me I ain’t crazy Charlie. Tell me they put you up to this.” Haha. He looked me right in the eye. And he leaned in and whispered “You ain’t crazy, John.” And he walked away. I never heard from him again. I know they got to him too. Haha. One time they told me, without saying anything, when we were working in the lab together, that he had been touched by Sun Tzu himself. I believe it. Haha. I mean look at what happened to me. Haha. Checkmate. Haha.

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