I had been sitting there on that couch at the top of that skyscraper in the middle of the sea for god knows how long. Not doing or thinking about anything. When he and that thing showed up at my door asking all those questions. It happened just a few weeks ago. I think. It’s hard to be sure when exactly. Could’ve been months ago really. I’ve found it very hard to measure time since I arrived here. When I opened the door, he was just standing there with that silly looking robot toy cradled in his arms. To me it just looked like a dull metal ball with two antennae. He set it down and it started rolling around the house. But he was proud of anything it did and didn’t do. He congratulated it, talked to it like it was alive, like it was a pet. He gave it treats while it just tumbled about without rhyme or reason, a victim of its own inertia, like one of those perpetual motion machines I remember seeing in the principal’s office when I was a child.

His story was a sad one. He was going with a girl and they loved each other very much. He was a mousy looking boy with a high voice and dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro. She was short and cute in a chubby geeky sort of way that wasn’t too sharp or touchy. Despite the fact that they were young, their love was pure. Every day they would come home from school together and hang out in his parents’ basement, doing their homework and living and laughing and napping. One day they came home and his parents were gone. Eventually the school was gone too, so they decided to have a child to kill the boredom. But she couldn’t conceive. One day a girl showed up on their doorstep. She was wet and cold even though he says it wasn’t raining that day. They let her in and she lived with them because where else would she go? She was tall and skinny and wore lacy black underwear and the short chubby girl looked at her with envy and lust. The boy and this new girl took an immediate dislike to each other. She started poking fun at him every chance she could, at his manners, at his eccentricities, at his manhood, saying he wouldn’t be able to even do anything to protect his girl from anyone, especially a zombie apocalypse. At first, this mousey boy would just smile and wouldn’t reply or pick a fight. The short girl would laugh along with the tall girl at his expense. Eventually the short one and the tall one became close. The short girl told the tall one about their problems conceiving a child and the tall girl suggested she could be the surrogate for the baby. At first he didn’t want to but he saw how much it meant to his love. It was agreed and the boy put his penis inside the tall girl while the short girl jerked him off until he came inside. They thought it would make things better. But it didn’t. The girls got closer and further from away him. The short one became the tall one’s tail, followed her around everywhere she went all over in the house. The tall one liked it, used her, played with them. She was pregnant now so she could do no wrong. The mousey boy vied for the short girl’s attention with more words more smiles more hugs more pulling affections. But the tall girl would laugh at his attempts and call them out to the short one. She called him loser and eventually the short girl grew the same feelings and made them instinct. One day the mousey boy hugged the tall girl’s belly and cried and the short girl looked at him with disgust and disdain. The next day the short one started wearing lacy black underwear. But not for the boy. The baby was born but it was a stillborn – a strange robot-like dull metal sphere with antennae and not even any LEDs for processing feedback. The tall girl was scared and sickened by what came out of her and wanted to destroy it. But the mousey boy refused and hugged his short chubby girl, telling her that its ok, that he will still love it and her, no matter what. But she was repulsed by his touch. The next day the short girl told him coldly that she no longer loved him and she walked out the door with the tall one, hand in hand. They lived together like that, the mousey boy and his robot baby sphere, for some time in his parents’ basement. But then one day there was a fire and the little metal sphere rolled away from him and when he found it all he could do was hug it and close his eyes and tell him it would all be ok, ok ok. And that’s how he ended up here, I guess.

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